XenServer downloads

Be among the first to experience the future by downloading the XenServer 8 Public Preview*

* XenServer 8 Preview is not supported for production use

Do more, for less

XenServer 8 Standard Edition customers now have access to features previously only available within the Premium Edition:

  • Zero-downtime live patching
  • PV Tools delivered via Windows Update
  • Management agent auto-update of PV Tools
  • Conversion Manager for conversion of ESXi VMs to XenServer

For customers who want to virtualize workloads, XenServer is a trusted, affordable and easy to use on-premises hypervisor solution.

You no longer need to login to download software. Now, whether you're interested in the Premium, Standard or the new Trial Edition, there is only one version to download.

Frequent updates

Leveraging a new CI/CD design enables quicker delivery of new features than was previously possible.

All future feature development will take place on this new XenServer 8 stream.


XenServer 8 Preview

August 24, 2023

Download the latest XenServer 8 Preview installation ISO


SHA-256: d769236e8930988ab68e68f162b577dce8690a3cefaced1cf1169b4dde4a5267

XenCenter 2023.4.0

December 5, 2023

XenCenter™ is the UI that enables the management of your XenServer enviroment. Once installed on a Windows system, use it to deploy, manage, and monitor your virtual machines.

XenCenter will now prompt you if a newer version becomes available.


SHA-256: 2e853f23abed462baec1bb9aad7901eb12f89f91db354aa458f163f58806108c

VM Tools

For optimal performance VM Tools must be installed on all virtual machines that you intend to run on XenServer 8

XenServer VM Tools for Linux 8.3.1-1

September 18, 2023


SHA-256: 35e1e8c37c935a27b87bde2a120fad4ea3a7dc2fc0345d914e89cb399b395ee5

XenServer VM Tools for Windows 9.3.2

November 27, 2023


SHA-256: 74473fb1a1ca9bcfee933310b1a83a971698b0405aaf6ef45bb32393925f6286

Optional components

Work Load Balancer (WLB) 8.3.0

August 24, 2023

Installed as an appliance within your XenServer pool, WLB provides recommendations on which host is best suited to run your VM based on CPU, memory, network, and disk loads - if desired, it can even move VMs automatically (note WLB is restricted to Premium edition only). XenCenter will now prompt you if a newer version becomes available.


SHA-256: 7ecd581cfd933e7b9233d10ce9dcd9bddcf644e51832aae328056e3703db99c7

Conversion Manager 8.3.0

August 24, 2023

Installed as an appliance on a XenServer host, Conversion Manager converts VMs from VMware ESXi so that they can run natively on XenServer.


SHA-256: e884b88bde0d627003d93d1c99a7ae896f3dd3c0e80806cf56ac022b620f427a

Software Development Kit (SDK) 23.27.0

October 31, 2023

The SDK includes language bindings that expose individual XenServer API calls as functions in C, C#, Java, Python and PowerShell programming languages.


SHA-256: cdd8e2106d9f6a963551a3924559ed9272bb5956f3bcd7a6d15e93dc259605a6

Driver Development Kit (DDK) 8.0.0

August 24, 2023

Intended for use by OEM Partners in the creation of supplemental packs to modify and extend the functionality that XenServer provides.


SHA-256: 63f9ba59938592591a3443ea9c7012c3547ae7d2df1e418cfee715097e9b8817

Source Disks

XenServer 8 Preview - source

August 24, 2023


SHA-256: 050643159f00d83853338e0d579f3796320ec801a3ada2a5f2bdb3d2322b0383

XenCenter 2023.4.0 - source

December 5, 2023


SHA-256: 52b5f7ac6d8b86026e5a53112505934b1280dcf3b1448c7f29dccdd75bd1d55f

Work Load Balancer (WLB) 8.3.0 - source

August 24, 2023


SHA-256: e28d9a86b7b14d17e05ef16fa8b73af5fe129c535f7a9b763ba39febe480aa4c

Conversion Manager 8.3.0 - source

August 24, 2023


SHA-256: d9579ff979a3de6551089aeccb9b72ad6122a27959160b0ffd99f93d0078561a

Driver Development Kit (DDK) 8.0.0 - source

August 24, 2023


SHA-256: 095dffad1bb2958707e1d10450e87d6534dd687ac77b679a10c9433d60d62f5e