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XenServer technical support is available to our licensed customers, across the globe. We work with our customers to ensure business continuity and support mission critical operations. Our effective technical support team possesses deep technical expertise and experience, and is setup to respond swiftly to customer reported issues and identify resolutions rapidly.

Maintenance offerings for XenServer

To be eligible for Technical Support on XenServer

XenServer is designed and optimized to support Citrix on-prem deployments, and our future development of this offering will focus solely on this use case. You can choose to run non-Citrix workloads, but you must ensure yourself that XenServer meets your needs prior to doing so, as no Request for Enhancements (RFEs) for general server virtualization needs will be accepted.

All customers will be eligible for XenServer support, regardless of whether the support issue relates to a Citrix or non-Citrix workload. For non-Citrix workloads, best effort support will be provided. This means a resolution cannot be guaranteed if it requires a code change.

Product matrix
Product Version Language NSC EOM & EOL Notes
XenServer 8 EN Mar-26-2024 Nov-30-2028 XenServer specific licence required
Maintenance offering
Available Support
Standard Web & phone; Call back service; English only support
Response Times
Severity 1 24 x 7 x 365 response within 30 minutes
Severity 2 2 business hours*
Severity 3 8 business hours*
Severity 4 8 business hours*

*See Worldwide Service Agreement for XenServer for definition of business hours and full details on the maintenance offering.

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