XenServer Editions 

XenServer easily manages diverse workload types, a blend of operating systems, and complex storage or networking demands—even for the most challenging business use cases.

XenServer is the only hypervisor platform optimized for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops workloads, as well as being a great choice for general server virtualization. With seamless feature integration at every level, XenServer leverages hardware-level functionalities to deliver a high-definition user experience, enhanced security, and streamlined operational management.

XenServer 8 Trial Edition

We want to allow all users to experience XenServer. The new Trial Edition provides all the functionality present in Premium Edition (other than limiting pool sizes). To get started, download the XenServer 8. Once installed, you'll automatically be running the new Trial Edition and see first hand how you can get from "0 to Xen in 10!"

While using this Trial Edition, you won't have access to official support. Your assistance in enhancing the product is valuable, so please report any bugs and share your feedback with us.

All editions of XenServer 8 include the capability to run Windows 11 VMs

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XenServer 8 feature matrix

XenServer 8 is available in Standard, Premium and the new Trial Editions.

Download XenServer 8, and you’ll automatically be running the new Trial Edition, which provides almost all functionality available within the Premium Edition. 

Download the XenServer 8 feature matrix

Feature Standard Edition Premium Edition Trial Edition
Production use  
Citrix workloads    
Support for SNMP  
NRPE support for Nagios monitoring  
64-bit hypervisor
64-bit control domain
Hardware compatibility list (HCL) support
Multi-server management with XenCenter GUI
Active directory integration
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
XenServer vApps
Dynamic memory control (DMC)
Performance reporting and alerting
Live VM migration
Heterogenous resource pools
Live patching
Apply updates via XenCenter
Evergreen XenCenter
Scheduled snapshots
VM tools for Windows Driver update
XenServer Conversion Manager
Dynamic workload balancing & audit reporting (WLB)  
Export pool resource list  
Rolling pool upgrade (RPU)  
Maximum pool size
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 guest support
Microsoft Windows 11 support
UEFI Secure boot for Windows VMs*
Basic network security groups
Open Virtual Switch (OVS)
SR-IOV capable network cards  
Efficient multicast support  
Host failure protection high availability (HA)
Disaster Recovery
Shared storage connectivity
SMB storage connectivity  
Shared nothing live VM migration
Storage live migration
MCS read cache  
GFS2 storage repository  
Changed block tracking  
Greater than 2TB VDI  
GPU Pass-through
GPU virtualization  
vGPU live migration  
Disk and memory snapshots for vGPU enabled VMs  
Multiple NVIDIA vGPU support*  

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