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XenServer is now an entitlement of the Citrix for Private Cloud, Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud, and Citrix Platform License subscriptions for running your Citrix workloads. Citrix customers that have not yet transitioned to these new subscriptions can participate in our promotion.

Term-based licenses

XenServer licenses are term-based and include maintenance. Currently XenServer is only available as an entitlement of a Citrix subscription. For Citrix pricing, please contact your Citrix Sales representative or Citrix channel partner.

Product Editions Unit Type * Term Maintenance Notes
XenServer Premium CPU Socket Subscription Included XenServer specific license required

* Unless otherwise noted above for a product, XenServer end-user license models are as follows: Under the CPU Socket model, a “CPU Socket” is an individual populated CPU socket on a server running the PRODUCT. Unpopulated CPU sockets, i.e. a CPU socket not having a CPU does not require a license. The SKU description for each product or maintenance offering ordered confirms your product entitlements. In the event of a conflict between a SKU description and this table, the SKU description shall control.

See Software Maintenance descriptions at xenserver.com/support.

This table may be updated by XenServer from time to time at its sole discretion. You are advised to check this table prior to each purchase. Ask your Citrix sales representative or authorized Citrix reseller for information on any legacy offerings not shown here which are going to end of sale (EOS).

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Currently XenServer is only available as an entitlement of a Citrix subscription. Reach out to your Citrix Sales representative or Citrix channel partner to get your licenses. Don’t have a partner yet? Use the partner locator to find one.

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